Realising solutions for an ambidextrous world in the leadership team. Navigating a complex and uncertain landscape.

Pit stop: Performance in the leadership team.

Leadership teams as a bridge between the individual and the organisation are becoming increasingly important for the performance of an organisation: effective team leadership in the sense of shared leadership is seen in research as an effective strategy for dealing with complexity and is the nucleus for real transformation. However, team leadership only leads to higher performance under certain conditions.

Target group

Management, Start-up´s


Where do we stand as a team in terms of team cohesion, functional working capacity and adaptive strength?

  • What potential do we have as a team?
  • What are our areas of development to realise this potential?
  • How do we become who we could be?
How does it work?

Preparation: Kairos®Team Profile
Implementation: half-day Workshop 
Progress controlling: two retrospectives a 2 hours


Improvement of internal and external communication
better performance as a leadership team

Customer testimonial:

“The reflection was good. We have more orientation for ourselves and therefore also for our employees. “(S.M.)

Lead ambidextorously. On the way to digitalisation.

Ambidextrous leadership offers solutions to achieve an elegant and effective balancing act between innovation and the management of the existing business. Adaptability and complexity do not replace previous efficiency thinking, they are necessary additional competences. Two different leadership modes – exploitation (efficiency orientation in existing business) and exploration (creation of new solution spaces) – must be combined in a meaningful way so that both modes can be effective simultaneously and, above all, equally valued depending on the situation.

Target group

Management, Divisional Manager

  • Do we understand the same thing under ambidextrous leadership?
  • How equipped are we as a team to operate agilely in two worlds?
  • In which of our issues do we need “explore”, where “exploit”? In what proportion? And how do we combine the two?
  • How do we organise the balancing act: e.g. are our decision-making and communication processes suitable for ambidexterity?
  • What tensions arise from acting in explore and exploit mode at the same time? Within us? In the environment? How is ambidextry anchored in the organisation?
  • What resources and skills do we need in our team?
  • How do we communicate? What do we have to consider in the realisation?
How does it work ?

Preparation: Kairos Team Profil
Implementation: One-day Workshop
Progress controlling: half-day retrospective


Clear understanding in the team, transparent procedure and communication concept for realisation

Customer testimonial:

„We have achieved something groundbreaking”. (D.K.)

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