change 4.0

Lean interventions on the system. Reinforce future-proof patterns. Managing overly persistent patterns.

Sparring for change projects.

As a sparring partner, I support you in tackling challenges with greater confidence by thinking through, questioning and reflecting on concepts and approaches together. If necessary, I accompany the implementation. I use methods from coaching and actively contribute my experience and expertise.

Target group

Management, Project Manager, Start-ups

How does it work?

Agreement on objectives
Implementation: scheduled and demand-oriented face-to-face or virtual meetings

Pit stop: New forms of work.

The term New Work is a bracket term for far-reaching changes in our working world. It has developed from a socio-philosophical idea (Frithjof Bergmann) in the early 1980s into a synonym for future-oriented approaches to shaping work. Digitalisation is both an enabler (technology) and an accelerator (agile working principles). Social developments such as the discourse on work and its contribution to shaping lives, demographic developments and, last but not least, changes in the view of values and expectations of employees, such as autonomy, freedom, participation, are further drivers. Find out in a one day workshop which New Work approaches can effectively support you in your development.

Target group

Management, decision-making-teams from specialist department and Human Resources

    • Where do we stand in our organisation with regard to New Work?
    • Where do we want to take our organisation?
    • Which approaches are target-oriented for us and increase our added value?
    • What would the realisation mean?
How does it work?

Preparation: survey of what already exists on New Work in the organisation plus collection of statements on purpose, vision, mission etc.
Implementation: 1-day workshop


Clear, common understanding of New Work, its specific benefits for the organisation and concrete agreements on further development.

Customer testimonial:

“Thank you for opening our eyes”. (C.R.)


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