thinking in terms of "both and "

People, diversity and complexity fascinate me. My driving force is development. This is reflected in my curriculum vitae: I have worked in various professions, industries and countries, lived in the UK for several years and travel a lot, both professionally and privately. I put my energy into the topics I am convinced make sense: I see the purpose of my work in a meaningful combination of the new and the tried and tested in order to create added value for people and organisations.

In my work with my clients, it is important for me to find a balance between possibility and reality together with them and to support them in making decisions with an optimistic orientation towards action. Questioning routines and conventions, thinking in terms of “both and” and trying things out are part of my craft.

what you can expect from me
→  system understanding
→  organisation-specific approach
→  feasible concepts and approaches
→  leave out before adding
→  respect and an appreciative, dialogical attitude
→  orientation towards resources and solutions
→  joy in development and real change

network & partner

The future belongs to intelligent networks and collaboration. More opportunities also need more knowledge and perspectives.


Agentur für Potentiale der Gegenwart
Dialog & Change
Consulting, Coaching, OD
best decision ever
mundo Gmbh
Mensch und Organisation im Wandel 
Next Impact
Das Wie entscheidet 
Purpose teams
We offer purpose-driven teaming
Trigon Entwicklungsberatung/Unternehmensberatung

co-creation. sparring. beraten.

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