Fit for the future.
Learning to love complexity.

“Complexity, whether in biology or elsewhere, is not beyond our capacity to understand, but requires a new kind of understanding.”
(Sarah Mitchell)

Technological innovations, digitalisation, new information and communication technologies, political confusion and, last but not least, global threats such as climate change or the Covid 19 pandemic lead to a higher pace, more interaction relationships and the need for adaptive change. If-then-effect relationships are often no longer clear. Effects of decisions and interventions cannot always be predicted. We are confronted with uncertainties, contradictions and discrepancies.
How to move safely and joyfully in complex environments? How to deal constructively with uncertainty and confusion? How to manage polarities?
I accompany and support you in opening up spaces of possibility and solution in complex issues and in implementing them in a way that is fit for the future. Let’s talk about what that might look like …

Lean interventions on the system. Reinforce future-proof patterns. Managing overly persistent patterns

Realising solutions for an ambidextrous world in the leadership team. Navigating a complex and uncertain landscape.

Consciously translate thinking and words into action. Questioning blind spots and thinking traps.

what you can expect from me

→  system understanding
→  organisation-specific approach
→  feasible concepts and approaches
→  leave out before adding
→  respect and an appreciative, dialogical attitude
→  orientation towards resources and solutions
→  joy in development and real change

co-creation. sparring. beraten.

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