Consciously translate thinking and words into action. Questioning blind spots and thinking traps.

Moderate current, complex decsion-making processes.

Where issues become complex, where the situation is unclear and it is therefore important to include expertise and experience from different perspectives, external facilitation is helpful. It helps to find common will, action and responsibility and to deal constructively with “fault lines”. 

Target group

Management, Decision-Teams, Boards, Project Teams, Start-ups

How does it work?

Objectives and scope
Implementation: Establish transparency and common ground – activate – follow the red thread- structure – agree – follow up
Duration: by agreemant


Sustainable results and the experience of a collaborative meeting culture


Customer testimonial:

“Your ability to let the discussion process run its course and then intervene at the crucial moment has really helped us”. (F.H.)

Game Changer: Purpose-Based-Decision-Making im Team.

The majority of offers to “decide” focus on the individual. The format Game Changer: Purpose – Based – Decision – Making goes a significant step further. Sustainable change in corporate culture can only be achieved by changing decision-making behaviour. Two aspects play an essential role: the integration of the individual perspective with team dynamics in decision-making and the right framing of the decision through a common team purpose.

Target group

Management, Leadership teams, Boards, Project teams, Start-ups

  • Analysis: How do we decide today? What practices do we use? What is our culture?
  • Elaboration of the Team Purpose: why this particular decision? What does it pay for?
  • The team as a place of decision-making: what are our preferences? What patterns are we working with? Where do we get security from?
  • Rational and irrational decision-making: how do we perceive? How do biases creep in?
  • decision-making process? How do we keep the direction?
  • Agreements: What do we do differently tomorrow?
How does it work?

Preparation: Adaptation to the conrete situation of the respective team; Kairos Team profile
Implementation: 4 hr learning journey
Anchoring; 2 hr retrospective


Concrete improvements for future decision-making in the team
Operationalising the concept of “purpose driven”
Team development

Customer testimonial:

“We learned a lot about our patterns and what is even better: we are now in agreement on how to continue working”. (P.F.)


co-creation. sparring. beraten.

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