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“A question always corresponds to a method of finding. Or one could say: a question denotes a method of searching”.
(Ludwig Wittgenstein)

I support you to dive into complexity with courage and confidence: not to immediately fall into solution mode, but to pause, to ask questions until a picture emerges that does justice to the complexity of the situation.

Ingrid Kohlhofer

Ingrid Kohlhofer started her professional career as a journalist for an Austrian daily newspaper. Studied theology and history. Afterwards over 20 years in management positions at international companies (Interunfall/RAS, BMW, Siemens). International projects in Europe, North America, China, Middle East.       5 years abroad in Great Britain. 11 years senior partner at Trigon Entwicklungsberatung.


Systemic Organisational Development; Transactional Analysis; Group Dynamics; Provocative Intervention; Business Administration St. Gallen; Performance Improvement; Decision Making: Kairos®Decision-Maker Profile for Individuals and Teams; Decisio®Map of Decision-Makers; Decisio®Code Profile; Cynefin Framework; Conflict Management and Mediation; Design Thinking HPI; Consent Facilitation; Management 3.0; Future Tools.


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